"The acclaimed model announced that she will only be modeling women’s fashion going forward and that her agency supports her transition"

Model Andreja Pejic comes out publicly as a transgender woman, shares her experience with media and Facebook fans | GLAAD (via partially-stars)

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"About 7000 years ago a society of equal people flourished in the central and eastern Europe. It was the ancient culture of Cucuteni, in Romania. The scientific world came to recognize Cucuteni today as the first civilization of Europe."

This blog about Cucuteni.  (via azzandra)

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guess who’s gettin sad n drunk about s1-5 supernatural?

Home made egg noodles for



For every 1 cup flour,
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt.

Combine dry ingredients. When combined, and egg.

Keep combining until it resembles a ball or pulls together. This is more obvious if you are using a standing mixer with dough hooks. (Dough hooks look kinda like cork screws that you put in where the beaters usually go.) In that case it looks like everything is pulling away from the sides into a ball in the middle. It will be quite sticky.

At this point pull it out and kneed into a LIGHTLY floured surface. You can either dust your hands with flour or coat them in a light oil. (I use coconut.) kneed it in the flour, adding flour as needed, till it JUST stops sticking. Add too much flour and it will be too stif and hard; too little and you won’t be able to roll it out.

Stick in an oiled bowl or in oiled plastic wrap and let set in the fridge from 30 minutes to an hour. You can let it sit overnight if you like.

Once it is set, take it out. Here there are two options:

1) hand roll it out. Oil your clean surface. Oil your rolling pin. Roll it out. Periodically re-oil the surface and the pin, as well as the dough. Roll it into thin sheets in chunks, keeping in mind that when you cook it it will slightly puff up.

Take a large straight edged knife and cut the rolled out dough in the shapes you need. It doesn’t matter if it is sharp as long as you are very firm, but it can be easier if you are unsure of your grip. If it pulls at all, oil the knife blade.

Option 2) you have a noodle crank or have borrowed one. Oil it hard core, and continue to oil it as you go. Feed about a fist worth at a time or less through the appropriate crank, making sure to catch and gently pull as you go.

Either way if you have space you can lay it out, making sure there are no crumples and no overlaps, while you take care of whatever else quickly. However there’s less chance to end up crinkling and thus having to re roll the noodles if the water is already boiling and salted. (Or with lasagna, the layer being ready for the noodle.)

It is important to gently stir as you go with the noodles, particularly at the beginning, because otherwise they might clump together. Boil until they are no longer raw.

They tend towards being thicker than store bought but it’s pretty satisfying to make if you can.

Last time I made noodles and you expressed an interest I googled diabetic noodles, but I have not had a chance to try any yet- between ingredient sourcing and the fact that I’m splitting the lasagna with my brother it didn’t work this time. But we’ll see. If you want to try the noodle crank sometime let me know and we’ll figure something out?